Does work have a sense?

We often wonder if work has a sense for the person. Some people say they could live without working (provided they have money, of course), while there are others who argue that work goes beyond making money.

Let us think! What does the work give us? Of course money, and thus we can afford to possess or acquire things besides autonomy and independence, order and structure, a sense of belonging to something. These things are highly valued in our society, but on second thought, couldn’t we have all that only with the first one (the money)? That is, with money I can become independent, organize my life (morning session gym and beauty, afternoon painting class), I also feel that I belong to my chess club.

We are back to square one. Does the work have no real meaning? If we go to the most human of the person, we got to the self-realization, that infinite word. That we need to achieve at a time in our lives (when our primary needs are covered) and we never reach fully. Can work help us in this direction?

Rethink what the work gives us in that most personal and human. It teaches us to listen (or else, forces us to be silent at times), to negotiate, to discuss, to compromise, that we cannot always be right (although sometimes we are), to manage our anger (usually to control our feelings), that we have to learn to say things differently (and not as dictated by the entrails), it is a great responsibility and we must learn to work both alone and coordinate with a team.

Moreover, at other times we got to experience what it is to feel "being able to", to feel like we overcome and evolve (especially looking back), or to value (or even being valued by others for) our merits "of that you've been able", to hearing "congratulations", to rise to the difficulties and come to know that if I want, I can. This influences our self-esteem and is shaping our perception of ourselves. In these times of job success is when we use the money to go to dinner and celebrate with our family and friends.

Well, getting to develop those capabilities, finding the balance between good and bad times at work, learning from the "negative" and savor the "positive" are a real-life learning. This learning is incorporated into our personality and will be part of shaping our maturity. This isn’t to say that we form us as individuals only through work, but does it help?