How to write a job ad

Create attractive job ads

Finding the perfect candidate to fill a vacancy in our company may seem an arduous and complex work. Sometimes, we use all the available options without obtaining the expected success (Employment agencies, social networks, job boards, Craigslist Jobs, CareerBuilder, etc).

The existing resources to fill the vacancies of our company are definitely a plus in our search, but poorly written job ads make such resources lose their value.

The best job ads have 6 key elements in common:

  • Simplicity

  • Unexpectedness

  • Concreteness

  • Credibility

  • Emotions

  • Stories

Let's start with the base, creating attractive job ads for the profile we are seeking. Below are some guidelines to optimize the job advertisement:

Let's specify our job

The first step is to shape the vacancy, i.e., defining and detailing the candidate's profile, the functions to be performed and determine the benefits to be offered.

A title undoubtedly

The title of the ad is the first visual contact of the candidate with the company. We must outline a clear, specific and concise title in such a way that the candidate knows what is being offered initially with the job. Avoid the hook words (express employment, job opportunity, career, etc), which more than promote a selection of the perfect candidate for the company, open the range to the entire general population.

Also, the title of the vacancy should be consistent with the description of the job that will take place later.

About us

We can offer a brief description of our company, explaining the sector to which we belong, values with which we identify ourselves and goals we intend to achieve in the short and medium term (for example).

It is not necessary to extend too much, since the candidates will look for more information on their own if they are interested in the job.

Job description

We use a close and clear tone. It is not necessary to detail the vacant thoroughly, but in a way that allows candidates to assess whether their training and career fit for the position and they are able to do the job.

An example of what might contain the description of the vacancy would be as follows:

  • What is the job, functions to perform and tasks to be carried out.

  • The profile of the ideal candidate. The characteristics required and what they should be willing to face. Do not write out a wish list of your ideal candidate, because you may scare off other applicants. Be clear and realistic in your expectations of what is needed to do the job and the background that is required. The requirements can distinguish between essential and valuable.

  • Working conditions. Highlight career opportunities that will be offered if the candidate becomes part of the staff. If there are other benefits in addition to salary, it is time to highlight them (Work hours, minimum wages, employment type, life balance, allowances, company car, etc.).

  • Make your job ad SEO friendly! Do not forget the technical bit, because we live in a world dominated by algorithms, where in order to be found on the Internet we need to use the right words. A simple SEO rule-of-thumb is to make sure you use the job title and related words in the text at least five times.

Where to post your job

Very briefly, we can say there are free or paid advertising media.

Posting a job on a job board (eg JOBS Employment Board), will provide the necessary structure and we will only have to focus on making it attractive. We can also use other job boards like CareerBuilder or classified ad sites like Craigslist Jobs.

The posting of paid ads can be for a certain period (subscription), for a single ad, for qualified applications or as pay per click (PPC).

We also can count on social networks, where we recommend to start by posting the job ad on the company's own website. Then we can post the direct link to the ad in the different social networks. On Twitter we have to stick to one hundred and forty characters and indicate the hashtag #jobs #state of the vacancy and #sector.

And finally, be careful with the content of what is published! We are building brand image.