Aquarelleindia Pvt Ltd

It is one of the manufacturing & exports oriented 100% subsidiary company of M/S Ceil Textiles, having production capacity of approximately 2 lakhs pieces of readymade Garments, mainly casual shirts. It’s a Mauritius based company, and is positioned as “Global” supplier of Garments. The company has incorporated in the year 2006, and is specialized in manufacturing of Woven Garments i.e. mainly casual shirts. There are approximately 800 machines, spreaded in 3 manufacturing units located in and around Bangalore. We have in-house production processes of Cutting, Sewing, Pressing, Finishing and packing, and are working with reputed brands across the world.
At, Aquarelle India Pvt Ltd, we believe that employees esteem & employee welfare is the key to business success, and we are committed to produce or sell goods under safe & healthy working conditions by respecting human rights governed by National and/or International laws.